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Free sex chat without lockin

"You are completely selfish, and totally irresponsible as a father.[...]You have no education, you have no interests, you just do whatever reckless thing you want to do, whenever you want to do it, without regard for anyone else."Did Mom and/or Dad leave you without an explanation, only to pop up years later expecting hugs and kisses?

Are even YOU tired of listening to your Freudian Excuse? " Guy for a tiny crumb of respect really starting to get on your nerves?

Maybe they want to show that the child figure is still so thoroughly whipped by the abusive parent that they are still incapable of facing them.

Maybe the child is hoping that Daddy may still turn out to be good after all, despite the abuse, and is therefore holding back on giving him the what-for.

Maybe the parent is touched by what the child said and reconciles with the child. Just out of fairness, it should be mentioned that good old Oedipus himself is not truly an example of this trope, as he did not know he was killing his father when it happened, and was not intentionally doing it as revenge for his father spiking his feet and leaving him to die on a hillside as a baby.

Although the confrontation can be quite long-winded as it plays out, the semantic content usually boils down to "Daddy/Mommy, you SUCK! For some reason, father figures are far more often targeted for this, due to the general belief that most women tend to be better parental figures than fathers, or maybe it's just not considered nice to yell at Mom.A stray speck of ember jumps to the boy and he winces. By the sound of fists slamming at my door looks like my night is just beginning.I roll my eyes when I hear Sergeant Heartnell calling “Open up, Ange! I should give it to him soon, before the shiny giftwrap dissolves completely, but this time I drop it right next to the boy.Time for a real shout-down with that dysfunctional parental figure.Possibly even a beat down, if you really get into it.

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(We suggest you try not to go any farther than that; killing a parent, even one who arguably deserves it, tends to put you in the villain camp by default.

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